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Shuttle Service

To visit places that cannot be reached by tourist buses

You can book It Taxi for the "Shuttle Service" you will be able to reach places where it is not permitted to reach with scheduled services or means of transport for more than 8 passengers and not authorized in restricted traffic zones, due to the regulations of the Municipality of Assisi or on roads not passable by tourist buses.

Taxi Assisi raggiunge Eremo delle Carceri


Here are the places to reach with our taxis

Eremo delle Carceri

Ancient Franciscan place on Mount Subasio, 4 km from Assisi and 800 meters above sea level, in the heart of a forest of centuries-old holm oaks - it is one of the Franciscan sanctuaries guarded by the Friars Minor of the Seraphic Province of Saint Francis of Assisi. The word Carcere does not mean "prison": it comes from ....Keep reading


San Damiano is a secret appointment...'s like a little “well of Shechem”.
Blessed is he who knows how to draw from it "sister water, humble ...Keep reading.

Piandarca - Cannara

The open-air church

Place of the sermon to the birds


The community of La Verna willingly welcomes all those who climb the Mount, and in particular the pilgrims who come to seek a time of prayer and reflection and to be helped by the presence of Saint Francis.
At La Verna it is possible to participate in prayer and celebrations ... Keep reading.


Greccio is the place where Christmas night in the year 1223 was celebrated in the cavity of a cave.

Everything recalls the humility of the Incarnation and Nativity of Jesus, which almost seems to take  ... Keep reading.


Here St. Francis received the medical treatment of the time for his eye disease: cauterization of the eyes. Francesco becomes familiar with "Friar Focu", robust and cheerful, but also cruel on occasion. Fontecolombo is first and foremost the place where Francis, three years before his death, began drafting the definitive Rule of the Friars Minor.  ... Keep reading.


Sanctuary the Forest

Francesco, in search of solitude and tranquility, is received as a guest. Francis, like Jesus, retreats from the crowds, but is still pursued by them. So many people want to see and hear him. The priest's vineyard which houses the small church of S. Fabiano is cheerfully visited by many people and the grapes are entirely stolen. It, however, will give double the wine, “ ... Keep reading.


It is here that Francis saw the beginning of his community adventure: the sharing and harmonization of relationships between brothers and the creation of the first Franciscan fraternity. Furthermore, in that place, in the Speco Superiore, the true spiritual birth of Francis took place, when, in abandoning his faith, he ... Keep reading.

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